About Us

The Burle Marx Music Society

The Burle Marx Music Society was created in 1987 by Eugene Rausa, a personal friend of the composer’s, to promote his music and, by extension, that of other composers of the Americas. The Society’s leadership passed to Brian Zahn, a former piano student of Walter’s, in 2006 and, after Zahn’s passing in 2012, to Brazilian-American composer and conductor Thiago Tiberio, its current president.

Our mission remains essentially the same: to promote Walter’s music to the world. Our goal is to utilize every asset and technology at our disposal to publish, help present, and disseminate this wonderful music.

This website attempts to pull together information about the composer and his family, exposing the major phases of his life, his dreams and themes, his friendships, and his creative contributions. Material for this study has been gathered from discussions with Walter himself, his immediate family, as well as family archives, his audio-journals, websites, library study, and whatever could be found in print. All information published here was either collected or revised by Leonora Burle Marx Cohen, the composer’s daughter, during decades of research and curation.

We hope that you enjoy discovering this great composer and become excited about performing or hearing his works! If you have any questions for us, let us know.